Monday, July 1, 2013

A Note from Our Supreme Commander, Jack

Life is intolerably hectic around here! I have only been getting 20 hours of sleep a day, and I'm not sure how long I can survive on that sort of deprivation. But my leadership is required, and so I press on. Due to my superior intelligence and great cunning, I  manage to maintain some semblance of order in this  crazy kingdom of mine. 

Each morning I survey my dominion, assessing threats both internal and external. I loathe the presence of that canine infiltrator so I continually plot her demise. Sadly, she misinterprets my prowess as playfulness. Idiot.

My morning ritual is extremely taxing, resulting in the need for a little relaxation. I do struggle to to unwind--the stress in my life is impossible. Some days I can't even find a lap throne to occupy. 

Other times I am required to share my lap throne; a prospect that completely disgusts me. Doesn't that dog know I'm the boss? Everyone else seems to have figured it out. They feed me, they pet me, they clean up after me. Yes, the humans are adequate as servants. But Gemma needs to learn her place.


  1. Well, Jack, nice to hear from you! I was wondering when we would get your news!

  2. oh, what a hard life you have, Jack! I'm sure all the cats around the world can sympathize with your distressing plight! :-)