Friday, July 5, 2013

The Beauty of Cross-Training

The super-buff woman in my Pilates DVD always says, "Engage your core."

So I suck in my gut and and ask my midsection, "Core, are you engaged?"

And I hear my belly bellow back, "Engaged? I'm not even dating!"

I wonder if it is possible to do Pilates with a core that has commitment issues. Probably not. Maybe I should switch to yoga.

Thus goes my fickle friendship with the world of cross-training. I prefer the simplicity of my relationship with running, where the only question is "Which way shall we go today?" I'm not saying we always get along, but we have found a working rhythm after 16 years. 

The thing is,  I've broken into the realm of (cue spooky music) MIDDLE-AGE, and I've heard that I need to consider things like bone-density, flexibility, and strength training. Forget the fantasy of cute leggings and stylish hair bands, it's not about the accessories anymore! I'm feeling my age, and to tell you the truth, I think forty-two feels pretty good. Still, that stretching work-out this morning nearly killed me. When did my toes move so far from my fingers? 

Gone are the days when physical fitness was about beauty. This is about survival, people! I suppose my core needs to end its fling with Hazelnut Gelato and start looking for a life-partner. It's time to get engaged.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Dear Jenn
    I think you have a good dose of South African blood somewhere in your ancestry!! Your sense of humor is so typical Soth African. I just love your tummie's complaints.
    Blessings XX