Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Caught in a total downpour. Not a drizzle. Not a sprinkle. A DOWNPOUR.

I was at the park in Loches with 11 cute kiddos ages 4-10. We don't normally do Sunday School in the summer months, but the sermon was going to be on the topic of Spiritual Warfare and our pastor thought it might be a bit scary for the younger ones. So Chandler and I took them to the park for a game of Hide and Seek.

During the third round, drops began to fall. By the time everyone had been found, it was all-out raining. As we huddled under a tree, contemplating the 10-minute walk back to church, the downpour began.

These are the kinds of moments that test my leadership abilities. Ask me to choose a Bible study curriculum for women, and I'm all over it. Looking for someone to plan a retreat? I gotcha covered. But strand me in a park during a monsoon with 11 small children, and I'm at a total loss. What to do?

So I asked the kids, "Would you rather wait out the storm under this tree, or run back to church through the rain?"

"RUN!" was the unanimous response. And they took off.

It was one of those "I'm their leader! Which way did they go?" moments. Maybe this is why I'm not asked to teach Kidz Club very often. 

Chandler took off after them, corralling the sprinters, while I lagged behind, prodding the stragglers. Once we were all reunited, I gave them a little clearer direction. I thought it might be a good idea to return to church with the same number of children I left with, so I did a quick head count. Then I said that we would jog back, but in an orderly fashion. I took the lead, and Chan took the rear, and the 11 chicks were required to stay between us.

Rivers of water ran through the streets as we sloshed and splashed our way through the village, garnering sympathetic looks from people huddled under awnings and in door frames. Sopping wet, breathless, and happy as can be, we finally arrived at church. I numbered each one as they skipped past me into the church, but declined to enter myself.

Horror of horrors, I was wearing a thin, white summer t-shirt which no longer provided me with a stitch of modesty. Crossing my arms, I nodded to David from afar, signaling my intention to head home. Chandler, who was just as soaked, joined me.

I wrung myself out, toweled myself off, and snuggled into my PJs. Twenty minutes later, David and Graham walked home in the shining sun, perfectly dry. You gotta love summer storms! 


  1. Well I guess the Lord had His own lesson on spiritual warfare to teach the kids! What a wonderful picture! When the storms of life come, don't huddle under an awning afraid, boldly go forward knowing that you are hedged in on all sides and will safely make it home! I love it :D

    Whether a sprinter or a straggler, the Lord has promised to not lose even one entrusted to His care.