Thursday, August 1, 2013

15,550 Words

I've definitely been in learning mode as I work on my first book proposal. Here are some interesting tidbits you may not know...
  • To begin a search for an agent or publisher for a non-fiction book, you do NOT have to write the entire book. Most would like to see 2-3 completed chapters.
  • The book proposal contains several different sections, including an overview of the book, chapter descriptions, demographics of your target audience, an analysis of the competitive landscape (who else has written books on your topic), and a brief biography of the author.
I just finished my first proposal, but it was a bit of an abbreviated proposal because it was for a writing contest through Tyndale, and not for a normal submission process. By abbreviated, I mean I only had to submit a completed Introduction plus one full chapter, and I did not have to include demographic information. It was still a BIG feat for me. In the end, my proposal contained 15,550 words, which equals about 38 pages.

Today is the deadline...and I've already e-mailed my entry.

I entered mostly because it gave me a target date to work towards, which helped me to stay focused. I don't expect to win, but I am thankful for the experience--I now have a proposal in the works and with a little more writing I can begin to look for an agent. I write that as if I know what I'm talking about--which I don't. I'm a total stranger to all of this!

I've been round and round about whether or not I should mess with writing a book. I don't feel qualified and I fear it could amount to nothing but a monumental waste of time. Yet...

Yet, that still small voice whispers, "Write.

Many ask what the book is about. Well, honestly, it s deeply rooted right here, at Four for France. Blog posts from the past 5 years will be woven through each chapter, putting flesh on the narrative. It's a book about becoming a missional Christian, about my sincere but often flawed attempt at living all out for Jesus. Somehow, the telling of the story seems to be part of the process. So tell it, I will.


  1. Hi Jenn,

    I commented a while back that I wanted to be added to your "Conversations" blog, but I have not heard anything. Perhaps you did not see my comment. I am the housing coordinator at CIT...and I so enjoy your blog and I am wanting to start back up with "The Exercises" and in fact had made a decision to do so just the evening that I got the email about your blog about it, so I definitely want to join in. So, can I join??? :) Gloria

    1. Gloria, YES, of course! I just need your e-mail address to add you. Can you send that to me via e-mail?

    2. Of course! I'm such an idiot sometimes! :) Sent it! :)

  2. Yeah! Congratulations!! I'm proud of you and am sure it will be a wonderful book. :)