Monday, January 27, 2014

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

1. Last week David and Graham helped to lead worship at an ecumenical service in Loches. Every January we join together with the Catholic church in our town for a Wednesday evening service, focusing on the things we have in common, which are, honestly, the main things--salvation through Christ alone, unity in the Holy Spirit, and love for the Father. 

2. I do not understand Pinterest. I just don't get it. I don't know if I want to get it. Can someone please tell me what they like about Pinterest? Should I figure it out?

3. Google+ is also an enigma to me. Why do I see posts from people that I do not know? 

4. On the contrary, I totally dig a website called where I can find all sorts of knitting and crochet patterns, many of which are free! I recently crocheted a super cute pair of baby converse. See:

Photo: Crocheted baby converse...for a sweet new baby boy!
The pattern is free and can be found here.
5. Our summer plans are starting to come together. Looks like we'll be taking a two month furlough, spending July and August in beautiful Spokane, Washington. But I don't know how to take a furlough, so if you have any advice I'd love to hear it. I'm pretty sure furloughs include Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream, boxes and boxes of Lucky Charms, and plenty of trips to Thai Bamboo.

6. Last time I preached one of my sons asked, "Why do people laugh at you all the time?" Hello? I'm funny. When will my kids finally accept that truth? 

7. Here's my new favorite super-flavorful/super-easy dinner-in-one-pan-but-NOT-a-casserole recipe. I modify it by using boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I bake the green beans and potatoes for 30 minutes while marinating the chicken. Then I add the chicken to the pan for just the last 30 minutes of cooking time. Comes out perfect every time, and it's pretty too!

Pan-Roasted Chicken With Lemon-Garlic Green Beans
You can find the recipe here.
8. I really wish you people would pass along some good fiction titles. I love non-fiction as much as anybody, but a girl needs some book candy every now and then. Throw me a bone! I'll give an amazon gift card to the person who recommends a fiction book that WOWs me! Yes, I will BUY you a book if you can just suggest a good one that I haven't read.

9. Anytime someone in our house speaks a three syllable phrase, Chandler sings the phrase to the tune of the Tranformers! theme song. "Where's Gemma?" "Pass the salt." "Don't do that." Are you humming along? The rest of us are avoiding three syllable phrases these days. 

10. David is in the final week of P90X--an intensive exercise regime. He's lost 14 pounds and he is looking GOOOOOOOOOD!


  1. 2. Pinterest: Ideally, Pinterest keeps all of your favorite websites/links in one location. If you're planning a wedding, it's great. For us, we use it for lots of recipes. Or DIY projects. But I don't know that it's worth "getting" because it has the potential to really suck you in….
    5. Furlough: I'm sure it includes LOTS of ice cream and Lucky Charms. And Ranch dressing. I have no advice, just encouragement. And I'm wondering if you'd like to pass on some of your summer-in-Europe experiences (ie. where were you in Ireland last summer?).
    8. Fiction: I only read fiction books. I'm hooked on James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series right now; as in, I'm reading one every few days if the library has the kindle version available when I"m ready for the next one (I've read 6 so far, and I think there are 11). But, James Patterson is really intense and often gives lots of details about murders…. so if you're not into thriller/suspense/murder mystery, it may not be for you….

    1. Kate, we LOVED our vacation in Ireland. We would highly recommend the B&B where we stayed. Here's the link: Be sure to eat breakfast and at least one dinner there, Karen and Eddie (the owners) are great cooks and the food is amazing. And it is really close to his Activity Center: where there is a ton of fun stuff to do, including a high ropes course.Thanks for the fiction recommendation! I'll check it out.

  2. I love your tidbits!
    Have you read Wool by Hugh Howey? Just curious. It is sci-fi.
    I'm definitely trying the chicken recipe. :)

    1. Just downloaded Wool at your recommendation! Thanks, I can't wait to read it.

  3. Ok my dear-
    Pinterest- think tearing out magazine pages and putting them on bulletin boards, -but virtual...I have so many recipes, crafting ideas, decorating ideas, haircut ideas, holiday ideas, etc.... I love it.
    Books...I haven't read much book candy, Loved Honolulu, but I think I told you that already. Just read Light between Oceans, enjoyed it -not candy, but fun discussion at book club, Kate Morton's "The secret Keeper" and I just got House at Riverton. Ill let you know.

    1. Oh and I did love Divergent, however not a huge fan of the other 2 books. Just my personal opinion.