Friday, June 13, 2008

Alarming E-Mails

Occassionally David receives e-mails or text messages at work that cause him some concern. Last week Graham used my phone to text the message "The bar is on fire." David was imagining a scene similar to this in our kitchen:
Graham, however was witnessing a small spectacle on main street in Spangle, where the local bar, which changes names and owners about four times a year, was on fire. Here is the photo that Graham took with my phone, which might have been a helpful attachment to send to David, who called me in a panic believeing our kitchen bar to be on fire!David recovered quickly! Probably because he is used to receiving messages like that at work. I have sent e-mails that have caused similar anxiety in dear David. Here are just a few:

"Hi! I was just wondering, where's the plunger?"

"Hey, the boys need the hatchet, do you know where it is?"

"There is a wierd electrical smell coming from the living room. Any ideas what that might be?"

"Something fell off of the dishwasher, but I think I fixed it."

Don't you just LOVE e-mail?


  1. Be still my heart!! God keeps your family on the edge of your seat! I'm sure David has had his share of heart-stopping phone calls. Something like, "Jenn, the house is flooding." Now I understand why you could think it was a joke the first time!

  2. This made me smile....... I remember the time that I called Len out of a very important meeting to tell him the car was on fire. He calmly told me to call the fire department because there wasn't much he could do from the office...........

    xoxoxo Mom