Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today we started language school--well, it was more of an orientation day--but it felt like a beginning nonetheless. Everything was spoken in French and then translated into English. We were told that from tomorrow forward, English would not be permitted on the premises.

(Be sure to note my stylish new book bag, which is, I PROMISE, filled with my new French books! Someday I'll fill you in on my awesome new jeans.)

The boys will be in classes with us for the first month, while they await the beginning of their school year. Regular French students started school today, but the Adaptation Class (for non-French speaking students) does not begin until October 1--after all new students have been assessed for assimilation. So in Language school (to break up the trouble-makers), David and Graham are in one class, and Chandler and I are in another. I'm not saying who the trouble-makers are, but most who know us could probably guess. Anyways, this is my (and Chandler's) classroom-there are 7 students: 4 Americans, 1 German, and 2 Koreans. David and Graham's class also has 7 students, and we are very pleased with the small class sizes.

This morning began, as all mornings will, with chapel. An instructor read Psalm 23 and shared some thoughts. He taught us one word: "rien" which means nothing, as in the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall want for NOTHING. A profound thought in and of itself--God's word is powerful in every language. Then we sang a hymn in French, and while I only understood a fraction of the words, it was a familiar hymn to me, so singing it brought tears to my eyes. My God has met me here, and I am delighted to be with Him in this place.

Our language learning program will be intense. We will be challenged. We will struggle. We will flail. And we will grow--in more ways than one. I, for one, am so excited I can hardly stand it!

Oh, and by the way, David signed papers on an apartment today. We are scheduled to move in on September 15th and all four of us have peace and gratitude in our hearts. Details to come at a later date....


  1. Great news all around! So......maybe I go out on a limb here....does "Rentree" mean "rent"? I notice your word for the day..."champignon" does not mean, "champagne", or "the loser swine", so please don't think my question too simple....even though you know me!
    Love you, Jenn! (and family!)

  2. Grinning from ear-to-ear! So excited for you all.

    We started school this past Monday and your family has been prayed for all week in our morning devotional time. I can't wait to share the good news with the kiddos tomorrow!

  3. Rentree is like a season here in France. Since most of the country goes on vacation in August, "rentree" is sort of re-entry to real life. The closest English equivalent would be, I think, "back-to-school." "A Louer" is "for rent" or more literally "for hire."

  4. SO excited for you guys that you finally have a place!!! Definitely an answer to prayer for lots of us and I know even more so for you. :)