Monday, July 11, 2011

I Got Nothin'

What to say when there's really nothing to say? Perhaps days like today are better left unblogged. I mean do you REALLY care what we are having for dinner (Chicken Marsala), what color I painted my toenails (Parisian Pink), or how many books I have on my Kindle (14)?

I could ramble on about the complications of ordering from Old Navy when you live in France but have an American credit card. Seriously, I have spent half of my day on that issue. Doesn't it sound exciting?

I suppose I could let you in on my internal debate about whether or not I want to try to drop 10 pounds this summer. As if pounds DROP off. Ha! If they did it would take no effort at all to LOSE them. Unfortunately, unwanted pounds CLING to my body with a death grip. Not that you should care.

I mean, really, you have better things to do than read about the hair removal cream that I tried on my upper lip (Oh, but it DID work nicely!), the price of pineapples at the Carrefour  (I bought 2!), or my new favorite website (, which is like a French version of At least I HOPE you have better things to do. 

You certainly have no need to know about our broken bathroom sink, the watercolor painting we recently bought on a Paris street corner, or the fact that we finally got a European DVD player so that we no longer have to use our computer to watch DVDs that we have purchased in France. Because I truly can't imagine that any of those tidbits are of interest to you. They barely interest me. 

So I suppose I ought not to blog today. I got nothin'.