Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Journey in Jello

Yesterday we arrived in Poland for the GEM Annual Conference. I like Poland. I struggle with Polish food.

I really am NOT a picky eater. I could even be called an adventurous eater. And I did at least TRY each of the delicacies in the photos below. I tried them, but I couldn't like them.

Today at lunch, one of the options in the buffet was this little lovely. It's translated label said, "Cod in lemon jello." MMMmmmm MMMmmmm. Actually, it was better than what I had for breakfast, which was....

...tuna and corn in jello. I asked one of the missionaries who serves in Poland,"Why do they put meat in jello?" (I did not add, "And WHY would they serve it for breakfast?!?")

She explained to me that back in the days of the lords, the peasants would only receive scraps of meat from the land owners. To make it go further and to make it prettier, they came up with the bright idea to..., to..., well..., to put it in jello. She concluded by pointing out the nutritional benefits: gelatin IS good for the hair and nails. Even knowing all that, this crab and olive jello was hard to swallow.

So far we have had three meals at the hotel. There have been MORE than 3 meat jello options at every meal. Fortunately, potatoes are also a staple. And they just peel and boil those. No jello is added. I am eating a lot of potatoes.  

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  1. Ummm...gross!! Good for you for trying them - you are more adventurous than I! :p