Monday, March 4, 2013


David is teaching a guitar lesson in the next room, and I am swooning. There is just something undeniably attractive about that man when he wields his Takemine. I'm a sucker for his strumming, and I always have been.

But as much as I adore his musical moxie, it is nothing compared to his faithful friendship, his servant leadership, and his quick wit. I'd be lost without that man!

Over the years I have only grown in my appreciation of who David is--the more I know of him, the more I am amazed by him. He is totally capable, yet he never insists on his way. He is crazy smart, yet he always listens to what others have to say. He could do anything he wants, yet his greatest joy is seeing others succeed. 

Perhaps that is why my mama always says, "Jennifer, you be good to David!" Because everyone can clearly see how good he is to me. Every. Single. Day.

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