Friday, March 22, 2013


Every year on our anniversary, David and I take time to remember the mercies of God.

Jenn graduated
David got promoted
We began saving for a house

David draws a timeline, and then we draw little altars on the timeline and label their significance.

We bought our first house
We were comforted after leaving a church

He got the idea from the Old Testament, where God commanded the Israelites to build altars of remembrance.

Pregnant!- a month after the doctor told me that I was infertile
Birth of our first miracle child

Each year we marvel, because His mercies never cease.

God provides for a new roof in a miraculous way
Surprise! A second miraculous pregnancy
Deliverance from a sin that had gripped David for years

It is easy to get lost in the trials of today and forget the eternal faithfulness of God.

A grace filled conversation with my sister--our last one before she dies
Birth of our second miracle child

So we build our altars of remembrance to remind us of His goodness. And the list goes on and on....

Five Minute Friday

Today, I am linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday, where writers are encouraged to just write for five minutes on a given prompt, without editing, over-thinking, or backtracking. 


  1. Ah yes... YES! His mercies NEVER cease and His goodness goes on and on. This. is. SO. beautiful, these altars of remembrance...beautiful!

  2. I love your writing! I am always so challenged and encouraged. I am in awe! And I am glad to call you friend.

  3. Thank you, Jaque, Debbie, and Denise!

  4. That is a lovely idea. Do you draw a new timeline each year, or just add on to the one you have? What wonderful remembrances!

  5. Yes, Ruth, it is a wonderful idea--my husband has a lot of those, and I benefit from them!

    Sarah, we used to use the same timeline year after year, but then we lost in (in the flood of 2006, I believe). Now we do a new one for each year.