Monday, March 25, 2013

When Ministry Gets Messy

"Sometimes I hate ministry," I sighed, walking out the back door of the church and turning towards the bakery.

It was the first sunny day in weeks, but a dark cloud loomed in my spirit. It would be a day of hard conversations, and I was weary from it before even uttering a word.

Ministry always involves people, and as one of my dear mentors is fond of reminding me, "Where there's people, there's poo poo."

Today was a day of dealing with the poo.

I don't like the poo, but I deal with it just the same. I do it because I love the people. I do it because God loves the people. I do it because Jesus died to deal with our messes. All of them. Even the poo.

And if I am honest, I have to admit that I have made my fair share of contributions to the mess that humanity brings to ministry. There is a stamp in my passport that actually serves as a reminder of this little fact. Maybe you have one too. It says, "Admitted POO." David has the same stamp in his passport. So do the boys. We all have "Admitted POO."

So when, on days like today, I have to deal with other peoples' messes, it good for me to pull out my passport and remind myself of the many times that others have had to clean up after me. 


  1. This made me think of your dream. Huh?

  2. Oh, Mara! It does seem that poo is a running theme in my life! What does that mean?!?!