Monday, April 1, 2013

Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, David has started preaching to the animals around Loches. It hasn't resulted in an actual church plant yet, but he does have about five new "disciples," most of whom are of the feathered variety. It turns out that the gospel really is for the birds!

As for me, it looks like I'll have to cut back on Dance Dance Revolution for a while. Its not easy being 42 and pregnant.

Chandler will be laying low for a while, too. He recently sprained his coccyx in badminton tournament at school. The French play rough. On the bright side,  he won third place!

Graham has been exploring possible career paths for his future, and he is having a hard time making up his mind between two compelling professions: Puppeteer or Somalian Pirate Hunter? His SAT scores may be the deciding factor.

Turns out Jack should have been named Jacqueline. We woke up to find a litter of kittens in our closet this morning. I thought he had put on a little weight, and I wondered why the 'diet' cat food wasn't working.

Well, that's about all our news for the day--just one more thing:

April Fools!

Please note--NONE of the above is true. I AM NOT, I repeat NOT pregnant! 


  1. Haha! Happy April Fool's Day!

  2. I almost fell off my chair and screamed! Oh My WORD you scared me!!!!

  3. Love it! I was thinking hard about what to do today and ended up just giving Kylan advice to not be fooled. :) We all had fun with Ayla's birthday though, including a card wishing her a happy 2nd.

  4. Hey Gracie, did you fool anyone at your house?

    Kacey, sorry for the heart attack! You know that all of these ideas came from David's head. I was just the scribe.

    Mara! How funny! Did Ayla appreciate the humor?

  5. Kasey (David here),

    Hope when you almost fell off your chair you didn't sprain your Coccyx. ;-)


  6. I laughed out loud, and while I didn't get it at first (I was really thinking about you being pregnant before finishing and how that might affect your ministry, etc. It was when I kept reading it hit me. Very good. Joke's on us!! ;-)