Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Tale of the Blue Balloon

All three of us saw it at the exact same time.

I was sitting in the armchair. David was standing at the edge of the room. Gemma came in from the hallway.

The limp blue balloon was on the carpet under the coffee table, and all three of us saw it at the exact same time.

I slowly started to get up, David lunged for it, but Gemma charged and got there first. She picked it up with her mouth and quickly ran under the foot stool. I grabbed for her from one side and David blocked her from scooting away, but it didn't matter. We were too late. She had already swallowed the balloon.

What did people do before the Internet?

Within minutes, David had googled "my dog ate a balloon" (file THAT under:Things I Hope I Never Have to Google). He learned more than he ever wanted to know about the digestive system of a canine. The long and short of it is this: we'll be examining excrement for the next 48 hours hoping that the blue balloon finds an exit strategy. Yes, I have the dog doo blues!

In the meantime, I'm reconsidering party decorations for David's birthday....


  1. Do you remember Beth Anne's dog....eating an entire box of tissues? She said the dog's hind end was like a tissue dispenser...just pull them out...(already used?)...maybe you should delete this comment as soon as you read it!

  2. This I learned because one day I was at a patients house I took her dressing off and her dog grabbed and ate it.She made me call poison control and they had me give it a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, after 5 minutes she threw the whole thing up.So I learned that hydrogen peroxide will not kill a dog but will make them the future!

  3. How interesting! I've been wondering about Gemma. You hadn't written about her in a while. Sounds like she is keeping life popping.:)

  4. Yes, Keri! I remember the incident with Julia! Ha ha ha! At least it was just one balloon!

    Debbie, David read about the peroxide option on the internet, but we didn't have any in the house. Trust me, that's on my shopping list!

    Carol,Yes! our Gemma is still a gem!

  5. We had to type: "dog eats toad" 2 weeks after we had Leon. Another one of those things you never want to search for. Luckily it turned out he had only licked it... :-)