Monday, April 29, 2013

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

  1. About the saga of the blue balloon: everything came out well in the end. The balloon was green when it resurfaced, but it was fully intact. It was David who made the discovery, and his efforts paid off! Had we not found the balloon within 48 hours, we would have had to take Gemma to the vet for an x-ray and possibly surgery. Praise God for the functioning digestive tract of our dog!
  2. About Chandler's birthday present: we ended up getting him a video game AND something he did not ask for. But not red skinny jeans. We got him a new Bible. His old Bible was literally falling apart at the seams, and it was more of a kid's Bible. His new Bible is a leather-bound men's devotional Bible, and he really likes it. 
  3. About David's birthday present: we (meaning me, the boys, and my parents) got him a one-hour flight in an ultra-light, where he will fly over 6 châteaux in our belle region. He has not yet scheduled the flight, but hopes to take it on a lovely summer morning. That pilot of mine needs some time in the sky!
  4. About the weather: Last week was beautiful every single day, except Friday--when I had planned a barbecue to celebrate David's and Chandler's birthdays. Friday it rained, and our party was forced indoors! We are again having gorgeous weather this week, and I am SO thankful!
  5. About our summer vacation: we (meaning I) just booked a week at a cottage on a farm in the countryside of IRELAND! We will drive there (taking the 12-hour ferry across the Channel) at the end of August. I found our lodging in National Geographic's list of the the Ten Best Places to Stay in Ireland, and was shocked by how INexpensive this place is. It is called a "self-catering" cabin, which means we will have a small kitchen and can prepare all of our own meals. At the end of our stay at the farm, we will drive to the Dublin area and stay with some GEM friends/colleagues for a few days--this way we can see the Irish city-side, too. I am SO excited! 
  6. About our crazy schedule: it's still crazy. Lots of visitors, lots of projects, lots of fun!
  7. About Marie--the friend of mine for whom many of you are praying: She is starting the 7 Signs of John (an evangelistic Bible study) with her neighbor this week! This is the same study that I did with her a year ago. Marie is growing in her faith, and eagerly sharing with her friends. How about you? Are you eagerly telling your friends about what Jesus has done for you?
  8. About my book: I am on track to have a proposal completed before David restarts his MDiv classes on the 12th of May. I am so thankful for those who are helping me in this process! It is daunting.
  9. About what I'm reading: I just finished a book called Divergent. Futuristic, sci-fi-ish, better than Hunger Games, in my humble opinion. Not everyone would like it. But I thought it was a good read. Book candy. For those looking for something meatier, may I recommend Godly Servants, by David Teague? It is written specifically for missionaries, but I think any believer could benefit.
  10. About my  projects: I put my cardigan knitting project on hold so I could start working on a baby blanket for a friend who is due in a month and a half--creativity is good for my soul.

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