Friday, June 21, 2013

A Tearful Goodbye

I left my niece crying on the Paris Metro.

Sarah and I, in a café at Versailles, where we waited out a thunderstorm with a cup of chocolat chaud.
She was off to another adventure in Europe and I was heading back home to Loches--each of us was eager for our next destination. But tears welled up in our eyes as we rocked and swayed with the rhythm of the train, silently counting down the stops to our impending farewell. When we arrived at my station, I kissed her moist cheek before working my way through the swarm of commuters. 

Though it was hard to leave her, I have not a single worry about her capacity to find her way--she will be fine without me. It's just that our time together passed too quickly and the precious memory of her gentle presence still lingers like a sweet aroma. 

And I am thankful.

Thankful for family.

Thankful for shared joys.

Thankful for long trips and heavy backpacks and new discoveries.

Thankful for the love of a dear niece, who spent her valuable time and hard-earned money to visit me, her Aunt Jenn.

Thankful for tearful goodbyes, which always remind me that relationships are to be cherished.

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  1. What beautiful words to share the gift of visiting family when you are far away! I am thankful for the gift of family near and far. We live thousands of miles away from our families and cherish the times they visit us.