Monday, February 2, 2009

Orientation Begins

David and I were pretty confident that we had chosen the right sending agency, but now we are completely sure. Stable but not stuffy. Functional but still fun. Spiritual without being spooky. Ambitious with no hint of ambivalence. We love GEM's approach to missions (it's all about people) their approach to evangelism (it's all about relationship) and their approach to process (it's all about Jesus). I feel like I have a new extended family.

Last night we had a nice welcome dinner at the home of GEM President, Henry Deneen. I just can't wait to see where God is leading with all of this, because at every turn there seems to be a new layer. Last night the new layer emerged when Henry (I don't think he would mind if I called him Henry) pulled David aside after our introductions and began to speak with him about some potential flight training opportunities that GEM may begin to develop in--yes, you guessed it--France! This is a project that is in the early-idea phase, but I would not be the least bit surprised if God has some aviation opportunities lined up for David yet. Amazing.

Today was a long and full day. We started the day with worship, and then we had a seminar on the spiritual climate of Europe, followed by an intense time of prayer for the people of Europe. Next we were indoctrinated with what GEM believes about God and the Bible, which was so theologically right on and taught with such passion that it made me want to get saved all over again.

After lunch, things got a little more intense. David and I and the other long-term candidates had to take a language aptitude test, which would help GEM to devise our language acquisition plan. I have a major in German, but that test was stinkin' hard. It took about an hour, and my brain felt like mush when it was over.

The day ended with--dum da dum dum--our psychological evaluations. Last year David and I took all sorts of psychological tests and profiles, and today we met individually and as a couple with a psychologist to review the results. We were both declared sane, and our marriage was deemed stable enough for mission work. He did give us some indication, based on our personalities, where we might struggle in integrating into a foreign culture. But he seemed confident that we would weather the storm and find smooth waters on the other side.

Yes, we did get to watch the Super Bowl--what a game! The perfect way to decompress after a gruelling--but good day.


  1. Great to hear the specifics and your impressions while they are so fresh with you. And, I love blow by blow - details are good for me......All is so totally well at home :-} xoxoxo

    What a good God we have - caring for us all no matter where we are - assuring us that He has everything in HIs hand!

  2. Wow! Yeah! Amazing!
    love you guys!

  3. Hey Guys!

    It was great to interact with you guys and well, God has done great things, will do great things and is doing great things!

    Well i defintly look forward to hear more about France as details and I will be praying for all of our orientation group.

    God Bless!