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Hi! My name is Jenn Williamson and I serve with Greater Europe Mission in Loches, France. I am the spoiled wife of a very patient husband, the fumbling mother of two brilliant teen-aged boys, a beginning knitter, an avid reader, a reluctant runner, and a frequent blogger.

I am the youngest of five girls, so I have gone from a home of ruffles and dolls to a home of Legos and electric guitars, and I love it. While I may not get to watch much Jane Austen, I never, EVER have to mow the lawn, carry groceries, or fill the gas tank. It's good to be the queen.

As for all those big sisters, they are still my BFFs, my biggest cheerleaders, and my go-to-girls for everything from recipes to parenting advice. We may not see too much of each other, but they are near and dear to my heart.

I have been married to David for 20+ years, and I still wake up everyday amazed that I get to spend my life by his side. As a pilot (I know--how cool is that?!?), he spent many years running a flight school in Spokane, WA. Besides serving full-time as a missionary in France, he is currently working on his Masters of Divinity through Liberty  On-line. David is not only insanely smart, he is one of the funniest people I know; his quiet, quick wit still catches me off guard and makes me giggle.  When he plays his guitar I swoon, when he parents our boys I beam, and when he holds my hand my heart skips a beat.

My oldest son, Graham, is nearing the end of his high school career and will soon step into the world of responsible adulthood. He is showing all the signs of readiness--which I find both rewarding and devastating! I can't imagine letting him go away next year, but I suppose I'll muddle through. Nevertheless, I can't bear to watch Toy Story 3 these days. It hits way too close to home. Graham is a brilliant guitarist, a lover of history, and the only guy I know who actually reads encyclopedias for fun. He has a dry sense of humor, a gift of service, and the exhausting ability to debate just about anything.  

My younger son, Chandler, is in the French school system, where he has two more years before completing his Bac. He thinks he'd like to be a doctor, which is no surprise to us; he has both the brains and the stomach for the job. He's the only one in our house who doesn't cringe (or faint) at the sight of blood. He is highly competitive and loves to play games of any sort. Chandler is a math whiz and a book worm,  but he'd choose video games over both any day of the week! He has a compassionate heart, a wild imagination, and he speaks French better than all of us.

Jack, our orange tabby, moved to France with us. He's fat and lazy and we all love him to bits. He may be the most tolerant cat on the planet.

Gemma, our cairn terrier, is a ball of energy. She's cute as a button, full of life, and loves to play fetch.

We like to do many things together as a family, from making music to snow skiing to watching movies to playing games. We all love a good meal, and conversation around the table is always lively. But at the end of the day, we're pretty much an ordinary American family following an extraordinary God. With Him, life is always an adventure, and in our opinion, adventure with Jesus is a wonderful thing!

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  1. Jenn and David...we have been following your journey from afar. We will be praying for a smooth transition for you and your family. We will also be supporting with a donation. We miss you guys and will miss hearing updates about Loches but know you must move on!
    Dan and Karen Felstead from Indiana....

    Thank you again for inviting us to your house that evening three years ago.