Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hasta la Vista, Baby

This morning at 4 a.m. I dropped David and the boys off at the Portland airport. Right about now they should be landing in North Carolina. Without me. CIT begins this Wednesday, and the three of them will be there for the kick off. I will be fashionably late because I have a date with my sisters. Every year my sisters and I have a Sisters' Weekend where the rule is NO husbands, NO children, NO parents. We bend the rules for 18 year-old daughters--but only once. This year my niece, Sarah will be joining us.

I will spend time with family and friends today through Thursday, and then go to Sunriver on Friday for the big Estrogen Fest (sister weekend). I always enjoy time with my sisters, so I know we will have a blast, but I am a little lonely for my men.

Speaking of my man, as part of our preparation for CIT, David and I had to take the DISC personality profile. We have done those sort of things so many times that we could've taken the test for each other and answered all the questions accurately. The actual results were no surprise, but in the analysis section, where individual personality styles are described in depth, this testing tool gave examples of famous people with each possible personality type. According to the DISC test, a marriage between David and I would be like (are you ready for this?) a marriage between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mother Theresa...only I'm the Terminator and David is the Holy Mother. Gives you quite a picture doesn't it? A match made in heaven, no doubt!

One last note for those of you who have been dying of curiosity, sitting on pins and needles, waiting with baited breath--YES, I did finally clean out my pantry. I forgot to take pictures, so you'll just have to trust me. Or stop by and see for yourself...there is an Open House in Spangle today!


  1. HAHA. This is so exciting about CIT!!! Also i was laughing really hard about the mother teresa and Arnold. haha!

    God Bless Yall and let me know if I need to pray for anything.

  2. Have a beautiful time with your sisters! Cherish. Treasure.
    I miss you already!