Saturday, May 9, 2009

Growing Up

Last night Graham was privileged to attend an 8th Grade graduation party for his classmates. Graham is actually only a 7th grader this year, but because he goes to a very small school, he attends most of his classes with the 8th graders. They invited him along partly because he is moving to France and partly because there is only one 8th grade boy, and the party planners wanted that boy to have a buddy.

Yep, that's all of them. Five graduates and Graham. They were picked up at the school in a Hummer Limo. David and I (as well as other parents) got to ride along, which was cool because it was my first time in a limo. The kids sipped sparkling cider while cruising around town. The first stop was Manito Park, where we took the time to take some photos of this amazing group of young people. Aren't they wonderful?

Next we cruised to Luigi's, an Italian restaurant in downtown Spokane. We had a private room and ate piles of pasta. After dinner I headed home to Chandler, while David went with some other parents and the students to play Laser Tag. They topped the evening off with a trip to Baskin Robbins for ice cream.

We are pleased with our thirteen year old boy, who is growing up to be a man of God. Sniff sniff. Dab eyes. I am so thankful for the joy of being his mom, and honored to know him.

As I look at this picture I am struck by how I am clinging to Graham with a death grip. Oh Lord, help me to loosen that grip. (In my defense, I was surrounded by four beautiful young girls who were flirting with my son, and, well, I just wasn't quite ready for that.) I had to smile, though, because while the girls were totally into their photo session at the park, the boys were sword-fighting with sticks. Growing up, but not grown up...yet.

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