Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not What We Expected--But Better!

Each day my support-raising husband prayerfully makes a list of the people he intends to call. Since we are in fund-raising mode, we sort of assumed that as we prayed about the list, God would direct us to people who are called to be on our support team. Well, it ain't necessarily so.

Sometimes the call goes as expected, and David is successful at setting up an appointment to share our vision for France. However, other times it seems that God leads David to call someone NOT because they will meet our need, but because he wants David to meet their need.

Take today. One person that David called was grieving because she had just lost her father. David listened and consoled her for thirty minutes. He hardly mentioned France. Then later he talked to someone who was having some challenges with a teenage child. Again, he listened and encouraged, foregoing his own agenda.

You see, we have goals, we have ambitions, we have hopes, and we want to make plans. But none of those matter unless they are surrendered to the Lord. And so we try to stay constantly surrendered. Emphasis on "try."After all, each phone call is made on God's time, for His glory, and it behooves us to simply follow His lead.

And actually, we are blessed in the process. The phone calls may not always turn out the way we expect--but they are clearly lead of the Lord, and in that way, they are far better than we could imagine.

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