Saturday, October 24, 2009

How to Enjoy Where I am When I am Not Where I Want to Be, and Other Lessons From Having to Wait, Part 2

I was raised by a mom who spent a lot of time waiting on five daughters, and she often passed the time with some sort of craft. Whether knitting, needle-pointing, crocheting, or hemming a dress, mom knew how how to make the most of a doctor's office waiting room, a road-trip, or an afternoon at the DMV. She created innumerable things during minutes and hours that many might have lost to fretting or impatient clock-watching. My mom seemed to have figured out something wonderful about waiting:

WAITING is a great time for CREATING!

Our God is a creative God, and I am so thankful that He put a creative part of His spirit in us. I cannot paint or draw. I am not a visual artist of any kind. I can't even make something recognizable with play-dough.

Despite my lack of artistic gifting, a desire to create continuously stirs within me; so, as I wait to go to France, I do what I can with my creative energy.

I can follow a pattern and create something with yarn. I can follow a recipe and create something with food. And I can read notes, and create music with voice or instruments.

Creating is LIFE-giving to me. It redeems times that could otherwise be the waiting.

This week I crocheted a curly red scarf:

I baked some peanut-butter blossom cookies:

And as you saw in the previous post, much music has been made in our house over the past few days.

Whether making scarves, cookies, or music, my spirit finds joy in creating. I may never be a Monet, a Mozart, or a Martha Stewart, but I am thankful for the ability to create. It truly is a gift--and it is a great way to wait.


  1. What a cute scarf! I'm sure your mom didn't know she was preparing you for a long wait for France but you were blessed in the lessons. We all need the ones who have gone before us. Thanks for sharing her!

  2. Cute scarf! Good job-both creating and waiting. Those cookies look yummy too :D

    Curious... is the pattern from One Skein?

  3. I love reading your blog from time to time to get caught up with the Williamsons! You are so inspired and inspirational in your writing! I read all the blog entries on the page... :) I love your scarf! It' s gonna be a hit in the world capital of fashion! ...But how do you find time to be creative like that in the midst of family life demands, job/ministry, support raising, etc. You are truly an amazing woman!
    I continue to keep you guys in my prayers.
    We are with you guys in the waiting, the praying, and on a similar roller-coaster ride between exhilaration one day, and feeling blue the next, shouts of joy at God's amazing provision and faithfulness, and times of fear and doubt... ambiguity, chaos, questions, questions, questions... learning to rest in Him and trust more deeply... mostly immense gratefulness that He even dared put us on such a journey because He loves us so much! He is refining us in the process. And , this is truly humbling, preparing us to be instruments in His hands in the land He is calling us to...
    Can't wait to see you on the other side!
    Please keep in touch!

  4. Lainie, it took just barely more than two skeins. I got the pattern free on-line here: