Thursday, November 12, 2009


Did you just hear that horrible flushing sound? It was the sound of $700 going down the tubes so that my car can have new rear calipers. I don't even know what a rear caliper is or what it does, but I know that it is stinking expensive.

I can think of about 700 things on which I would rather spend $700! That money could sponsor a child in a third world country for almost 2 years. It could buy a plane ticket to Hawaii. With $700 I could get David the new electric guitar he wants, or fly to Amarillo to visit my sister, or redecorate my bedroom. Think of the shoes I could buy! How many homeless people could that feed? How many Bibles could it translate? How many wigs for cancer patients would it purchase?

But alas, my Diva of a six-year-old car will get her rear calipers.

And I am thankful.

Five years ago we would have had to put this car repair on a credit card. But thanks to Dave Ramsey, the money is sitting in an "emergency fund" for an occassion such as this. An unexpected car repair is not a crisis, just an inconvenience.

We are blessed to have a car, and even more so to have the funds to pay for its upkeep! Did you know that only 7% of the global population owns a car? And we have two.

Want to feel really rich? Then let me share this little known fact that I read in the book The Hole in Our Gospel, by World Vision president, Rich Stearns. Half of the world...50% of the people living TODAY live on less than $2 a day. That, friends, is an annual income that is about equal to the amount of money it will take to fix my car.


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  1. That's how I felt after our transmission went out a few years ago... $2000 later (ouch).

    But to redeem the "investment"--
    With a safe, running vehicle think about...

    • how many meals you could deliver to the ill or elderly

    • think of all the church services you will bring your children to so that they can learn the Word of God

    • how many hours will you log driving your van and praying in your little tabernacle on wheels

    • your "ride" will help provide nourishing food for your family as you go to the grocery store

    So glad that the Lord provided for it's care and so glad that He used you and your circumstance to remind us all how blessed we are to have personal transportation and to not take it or more importantly, Him, for granted.

    Thanks for sharing Jenn