Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pedaling as Fast as I Can

A few weeks ago I decided to quit grumbling about NOT being in France just yet.

The whining came to a screeching halt, and I changed my nagging question from:

"God, when will we get there?!?!"
"What do you have for me today, Lord?"

The answer has been a beautiful buffet of people, programs, and projects. I have embraced the fact that until I am THERE, He wants to use me HERE. When I finally gave up my perpetual pout, He began to show me a purpose in this place. Now, rather than pacing to pass the time while we await our departure, I am pedaling as fast as I can to keep up with all that God has called me to do.

Here are just a few of the opportunities He has given me:

  • I have the JOY of planning an event that could have rippling effects long after I am gone: Renee' Stearns (the wife of World Vision President, Rich Stearns) is going to speak to the women of my church about practical ways that they can engage in the fight against global poverty. I fully expect the evening of this event to be a pivotal moment for the women of Life Center.
  • I have the JOY of co-teaching at a women's Bible Study for a series called "The Frazzled Female." God typically calls me to teach out of my weaknesses, and that will certainly be the case for this study, given that fact that I feel more frazzled than ever! I look forward to learning (while teaching others) how I can "find peace in the midst of everyday life" just like the subtitle promises.
  • I have the JOY of being asked to speak at an outreach Christmas Dessert, where I will give unsaved women the opportunity to make a first-time decision for Christ. Oh to stand on the brink of eternity, reach out a hand, and introduce a lost soul to the love of a gracious Savior! There is nothing sweeter!

So perhaps God did not make a mistake in keeping us here beyond our desired departure date. Perhaps He has even held back supporters from jumping on board until we have completed all that He ordained for us in this place. Perhaps...perhaps...the waiting is every bit as purposeful as the going.

Remind me of this later, will you?

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  1. I love you, Jenn! Glad you are enjoying the truth of the words you wrote! Makes me SMILE!