Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Guessing Game About My Texas Trip

On my first full day in Texas, I visited two places that are actually based in the great Northwest. Shockingly, one of these places took us miles of driving to find. Where, oh where, do you think that I went?

A highlight of my time in Port Aransas involved enjoying some of the local wildlife (and NO, I am not referring to Laughing Bird). At one point, Dad pulled the truck over and Mom got out her binoculars and we spent several moments admiring the antics of some amazing creatures. What do you think we were watching?

I get along wonderfully with my parents, and had a most delightful visit with them. My mom and I only disagreed about one little thing--and it came up every time we went to use a public bathroom. Can you guess what we squabbled about?

After my time in Port Aransas, I traveled to Amarillo, Texas to visit my sister Robin (and her husband and two beautiful daughters). Immediately following our last meal together, which we ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, I purchased 4 delectable delicacies that are Texas specialties. These toothsome treats were brought home and shared with my family. Can you guess what they were?

My oldest sister, Barbara, was also visiting Robin while I was in Amarillo. In true sisterly love, I took a containter of my FAVORITE beauty product to share with each of them. Actually, I had David mail the containers directly to Robin's house because I would not have been allowed to have them in my carry-on luggage. What, exactly, did I give to my sisters?


  1. Looking at ....hmm....rattlesnakes?

    Arguing w/ mom about...toilet seat covers vs. toilet paper?

    Those little caramel cluster or peanut patty things...don't remember the names of them...

    Your favorite beauty product?...DonnaKaran?

    hmmm....may have gotten them all wrong....but, those are my guesses.

    Love you!

  2. oh, Keri, you are exactly right about one thing, and VERY close on the other two.

  3. Place to visit based in the Northwest? Maybe Starbucks or Costco?
    Animals? maybe prairie dogs?
    Toilet discussion? how about handicap stall- yes or no?
    Treats-no idea but any treat is good.
    Favorite cosmetic? Could it be eye cream?
    Best guesses I could come up with.
    Sounds like it was a wonderful trip!

  4. Carol, you are exactly right on one, and close on another.

  5. I know the treat was pralines!

  6. *Starbucks & ???
    *armadillo or coyote
    *flushing with your foot vs. hand
    *pralines...(saw someone elses answer)

  7. Mara, right on two accounts. I sure love my game-playing friends!