Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No Letter Yet

I usually write a Christmas Letter, but I haven't gotten around to it yet this year. Since I would be e-mailing the letter, I suppose its not too late. I just don't know what to write. I guess in writing a blog, I feel as though I've already said all there is to say about our year. On the other hand, I love the nice neat "wrap-up" that a Christmas letter brings to a year.

If I were to write one (and I still might) I think it would begin something like this:

Just over 2000 years ago, eternity was swaddled and placed in a manger. The baby Jesus was in the very place that God wanted Him to be, and yet, He was so very far from his heavenly home. I have come to think of Christmas as a time when families come together, but on the first Christmas, families were more scattered than gathered. Mary and Joseph were traveling, the shepherds were working, and I think the angles were doing a little of both. We, too, are sure that we are in the very place that God wants us to be, and yet, we are so very far from home.


  1. Yet you are in the very place God wants you to be. Do you ever wonder what Mary and Joseph would have written about if they had a blog? Maybe included pictures of the stable or manger with Jesus lying in it? Would grandma have been a little nervous with all the shepherds and animals round about?
    Your blogs let us all know you and your family were made for France.
    May God bless your lives there and your new friends.

  2. amazing picture and blog. keep up the good work.