Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Caroling en Français

Today I went Christmas caroling at a local retirement home with a small group of students and faculty members from our language school. It was the perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.

As we caroled the classics, many of the residents sang along. Some conducted from their seats. One threw up.

After we sang one of the instructors from our school gave a lovely Gospel message. I realized it was the first time that I heard and understood the Gospel in French, and it brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Here is a video clip of one of our songs--which David made since his sore throat kept him from singing with us. The tune will be very familiar to you, but the words, bien sûr, are in French. If you receive my blog via e-mail, you will need to click here if you wish to view the video.


  1. So beautiful! Esp. when the men joined in... brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks for posting video, Jenn!

  2. Lovely - so fun to see. I was so beautiful thank you for sharing.
    On a totally separate note- I love seeing the wine bottle on the table. In all my years of visiting nursing homes in America have I EVER seen wine. Love it. Viva La France!

  3. Beautiful! I could finally hear it! (Although not w/ much volume) It sounded lovely!

  4. Very nice!
    P.S. Did the little boy make it to the bathroom? His little dance made me chuckle. :)

  5. j'adore this!!!!! c'est magnifique!!! merci merci! may you all have a very blessed Christmas there