Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I am Not a Blogger

I am not a Blogger. I am a missionary who blogs.

My goal is not to become "discovered" as an author. I do not aim to teach, inspire or instruct. I do not care to convince anyone of anything. I have NO desire to promote my blog, and I am certainly not trying to gather a following.

I have three very simple goals for Four For France.
  1. I want to chronicle our journey, so that we, as a family, have a way to look back and remember the things that God has done for us. 
  2. I want to provide a way for friends, family, and supporters to know what we are doing in our day to day lives so that they can share in the adventure and pray for us.
  3. I want to proclaim the goodness of God. 
So, I have some questions for you. I would be much obliged if you would take a minute to respond. 
  • Am I accomplishing the aforementioned goals? 
  • Do my posts provide you with enough of a glimpse into our life that you feel equipped to pray for us?
  • As a reader of this blog, would you like to see any changes?
I truly appreciate any feedback you can give me. I believe that I am called to write this blog, and I do so out of obedience to God. Nevertheless, I would also like to honor those of you who regularly read my ramblings. I am not seeking your approval (I am approved by God!), but I would value your input. 

And if I forget to tell you later, thanks for sharing in our journey.


  1. Yes, I feel included in your lives and equipped to pray for you. I love hearing what's going on, even your "boring" day to day ramblings :-) I would miss you more if I did not have this connection to you. I do suppose though, that it is a bit oneway and therefore not as rewarding for you, the writer as it is for us, the reader. <3 Laura

  2. Jen,
    From my perspective you have continued to accomplish all three goals. We have had our way to Germany paved by your words and encouragement. Your family has a wonderful chronicle of the path you have walked to get to the place God has ordained. And God is shining through each post. Be encouraged! God is using you in amazing ways.

  3. Jenn,
    I love reading about your heart transformation, and really appreciate your transparency.

    I also really enjoy the details of family life in France: seeing photos of your apartment, reading about the community choir, events, grocery shopping, and everything! Please don't change anything!!

    Penny K

  4. Friend I am so grateful for this blog that you write. I feel like I get to be with you as you are living and learning in this new adventure. I love all your thought - silly no packing, serious school decisions and exciting DR job opportunity. I feel like I get to be apart of your journey and am always so happy to open up to a new entry.

  5. I love, love, LOVE your blog. It's the first one I look for when I bring up my blog reader.

    In answer to your first two questions... YES! I pray for you and your family every day.

    If I could ask for anything more on the blog it would be more of the mundane day-to-day stuff. I LOVE hearing about the ordinary tidbits about life in France/Europe. More pictures! More descriptions of the shops, the people, the customs, the "norms," etc etc.

    Am I being demanding :)

    PS - next week we will be in Spokane.

  6. I know we've never met, but your blog has been such a blessing to me since I found it! It can be easy for many Christians to have a glorified romanticized view of the mission field. What I love seeing is the real issues, real battles, real day-to-day stuff. I love hearing about the needs in Europe and how God is leading you to respond. Thank you so much for sharing this stuff with us!!!

  7. You can be a writer and a missionary.