Saturday, November 12, 2011

Odds and Ends

We finally received our Cartes de Sejour! This is a long-stay visa which is good for one year--and it took us six months to get them. Since they expire on the APPLICATION date rather than on the date that we actually received them, and since you are supposed to start the application process 90 days before the current one expires, in three short months we will have to begin the renewal process all over again. Fun, fun, fun! 

Actually, we have high hopes that our renewal will go much more smoothly next year when we can do the whole thing in Loches, and when we don't have to changes addresses in the middle of he process.

My friend Emma stopped by the other day. We spent some time coloring together, and then a big, ugly monster (David) chased us around. Emma is terrified of Jack, our cat, who happens to be the sweetest creature on the face of the earth. I hope some day they will be friends. Emma is a much-loved member of our community who lives here in Loches with her Grandma. They are from the Congo.

Chandler brought home this dialogue that he had written for his English class. He was marked down a point for NOT using a swear word. Oh the life we live! I daily have to entrust my boys to the Lord's care are rely on His Spirit to be their true teacher. Chandler appreciated the irony of being corrected for NOT swearing. What's a lower grade when your own integrity is at stake? Way to go, Chan!

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  1. I told my oldest (age 8) about Chandler being docked for not swearing. Her eyes got very wide at first, but it gave us a great opportunity to discuss school and that we sometimes need to choose between doing what's right and doing what others want.