Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Got NyQuil?

I never (hack, hack) get sick.

Well, (sniff) almost never.

I'm currently on day three of this cold, and I'm feeling deeply grateful that our Thanksgiving celebration is behind us because I'd hate to be cooking in this condition. Nothing like sharing the holiday germs.

So, I've broken out the Christmas movies, made the left-over turkey into turkey-noodle soup, and huddled up for a few days.

But what I really want is hot Tang. Tang does not exist in France. Neither does NyQuil. I could cry about that today.

Before I get to whining, (Aah-CHOO!) I'm gonna go lay down.

Do you have any tried and true cold remedies you'd like to share with me?


  1. I was thinking of you this evening and so I stopped by to see what it was that you were doing for Thanksgiving. It looked like a nice celebration. Sorry that you arent feeling well.
    When my sinus' start to cause me problems I clean out my passages with boiled water cooled down and salt added. I cup it in my hands and gently breath it into my nose. It helps to keep things clear and fight any infection. Similar to gargling salt water only for the nose.

  2. You need some FĂ©verex. It's the best. Go to the pharmacy and ask for some and they'll hook you up.