Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Help

Help! I need some inspiration for my Blog.

What kinds of things would you like to hear about?

Do you have any burning questions about our life and ministry here?

Is there something about which you would like to know MORE?

Is there a particular type of writing that you would like for me do?

Give me your ideas--I'm having writer's block. Please, throw me a bone!


  1. My dear friend, one of the things I've loved about your writing is the way you can laugh about what happens to you but see relate it to your relationship with God (I'm thinking tadpoles in a bucket here).
    I'm also wondering what you and David do for fun as a couple. Are there walks you especially like? I love being taken to where you are and seeing what is around you.
    We are concerned about our economy here. Are the French concerned about it? Is it some of what they pray about at your gatherings?
    Did you figure out what was happening with Jack?
    I love what you write.

  2. Every-day conversations! Bantering back-and-forth, jokes, things you never-ever said (or would have needed to say) in the States...
    I love when you post about your life!
    (and also keep us updated on "Marie")
    Love you!

  3. Hi!

    As a missionary currently preparing to go to Marseille to join a church plant team, I would love to hear about your everyday interactions with locals. How did you prepare for your relocation there? How do the locals receive you? Is there anything you think prospective missionaries to France should know beforehand that you wish you knew? How do the locals experience God? What keeps you busy day to day, personal and ministry related? What are you doing as a family to relax?

    Pictures of the surroundings, testimonies, what you learn from interactions with people etc.

    Hope it helps?


  4. I love reading about the day to day regular "stuff" that goes on. Some seems very familiar with life here in the states while other times it's such a quiet peak at life in France (like how you walk to the doctor's office and how they prescribe meds). I know it's your regular day, but it also helps all of us still feel connected with you. Hopefully posted comments help you feel connected with us.

  5. I'd love to learn more about you and your family in your own faith journey. How has God shaped and changed you through your work in France? How about through just being a family? And how has reality compared to anticipation between before you left for France and now?