Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

  1. Today David finished his first class in his Masters of Divinity program! He enjoyed the course very much, and he is planing to take three more classes this summer. 
  2. Jack has been relieving himself in very interesting places recently, and we are not sure why. Any ideas of why a 9 year old cat who has never had an aversion to his litter box would suddenly be choosing to urinate elsewhere? He does it while he is alone downstairs at night, never when we are with him. We are not quite sure what to do about the problem. He is acting perfectly normal in every other way.
  3. Gemma knows three words, "yard," "potty," and "Siberia." "Siberia" is what we call the laundry room, where Gemma has to go for a "time out" when she is misbehaving, which typically involves pestering Jack. If we say, "Do I need to put you in Siberia?" she almost immediately stops whatever she is doing; OR, she does the naughty thing one more time and then runs away from us as fast as she can. This results in an exhausting game of "catch me if you can" before someone finally nabs her and takes her to to the Gulag.
  4. Graham has started drinking coffee. This morning he made Homemade Vanilla Syrup from a recipe found on my friend Laura's Blog, and right now we are both enjoying hot, fresh, Vanilla Lattes.
  5. We feel very grateful for the 80+ people who support our ministry with monthly financial donations. We are humbled and blessed by their generosity. We could not do this work without them!
  6. Today is Election Day in France. They have presidential elections every 5 years. The two candidates are incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist challenger François Hollande. In the preliminaries three weeks ago--where there were 10 candidates--Hollande came out on top. 
  7. Chandler bought a "classic" (read: "old school") video game for the Wii called Dr. Mario. I might be addicted to it. Sadly, he absolutely kills me every time we play.
  8. I lost my watch back when we were living in our apartment in the Paris area, but a few weeks ago I found it in the bottom of a book bag. Now I just need to get a new battery for it and I'll be back in business. Nifty!
  9. A friend is coming to visit next month and I am so excited I can hardly stand it!
  10. We will not be making a trip to the States this summer as we had hoped. While we are thankful for God's faithful provision during the months when our house went without renters, we exhausted what small savings we had. We need to try to rebuild our Emergency Fund and then start saving again for travels. Hopefully we will be able to visit for Christmas. We shall see....

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  1. Jenn, so sad you won't be back to the states this summer. God must have other plans.
    I wonder if Jack might have a bladder infection. He's too young for a cat to be getting senile.
    Love Gemma's time out story. I was wondering if she'll be a bi-lingual dog? Which is her favorite language?