Monday, June 11, 2012

The Eismann Cometh

Every other Monday morning, I get a visit from my frozen food man, Emmanuel. He comes to my house in his refrigerated truck, takes my order right there on the spot, and then hand carries my selections into the house. 

The quality of the food is much better than that which I can get at the local grocery store. Our regular order includes diced onions, several varieties of french fries, and ice cream bars. I also like their Brussels sprouts and green beans. But the real reason I am committed customer is that I just love the salesman! He is so friendly, very knowledgeable about his product, and provides excellent customer service.  

I never had a visit from Schwan's in the States, but I imagine that it works much the same way.

I'm hooked on having a frozen food guy! 


  1. love the title! I laughed out loud! Gotta love Manu... definitely a born salesman!