Monday, June 18, 2012

Ten Totally Trivial Tidbits

  1. Gemma was spayed on Friday. She is not sporting one of those silly cones around her neck, but rather a bandage around her middle.We are pampering her during her recovery.
  2. My dear friend has arrived and I am enjoying every minute with her. We have been to a château and we plan to go to the Vouvray caves and even to Paris for a few days, but what I delight in the most are the on-going heart to heart conversations. 
  3. Tis the season of...annual reviews! In the past week we have been asked to do an annual review of our ministry for two supporting churches and for GEM, our mission organization. I actually like doing reviews, as they give us the opportunity to reflect of what God has done and to evaluate  how we are spending our time and money. We feel so blessed to be able to minister in France and we appreciate the gift of accountability!
  4. I bought rhubarb at market yesterday and I made a rhubarb crisp. Locally grown summer produce makes me really happy.
  5. I am planning a retreat for the women from 5 churches in our region. As the average church size is 40 people,  I am expecting to have around 20 women. The retreat will be in November, and I am now in the process of praying about a speaker and a worship leader.We have nailed down the location, it will be at a charming chambre d'hôtes about 40 minutes from Loches.
  6. School is NOT out here yet! Chandler will be finished at the end of June, Graham will finish his classes by the middle of July, and David's term goes until the middle of August.
  7. I've joined a knitting group. The reasons I joined were to make some new friends and to speak French. Bonus: many of the women are expert knitters who can help me with my projects, since I am just a beginner.
  8. We are in the midst of the European Football (soccer) Championships. All of us enjoy watching the games. 
  9. God keeps bringing vision and clarity to our calling in France. We feel privileged to participate in His kingdom work here in Loches!
  10. I planted 8 irises in our garden today. The bulbs were a gift from my friend Marie.

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