Monday, October 14, 2013

The Void

During a rainstorm a certain 17 year old said, "There's nothing to eat."

So a certain mom, keenly aware that he would too-soon leave the nest, set out to resolve the problem.

And while she stirred, the boy made music. 
And her tears fell like the rain.
How would she ever let him go?
"Slow down!" she cried, wishing time had ears to hear.
But her pleas were pointless.
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. 

And in no time at all, warm cookies filled the void in the 17 year old stomach.
But what would fill the void in the mama's heart?


  1. I remember sitting at Kabara's high school graduation wondering if I'd managed to be awake at all the important points, thinking surely I must have been sleeping part of the time to have reached this point in such split seconds.

  2. Only God's infinite mercy and grace takes us through these days ... It doesn't mean He takes away the hurt of them leaving. He just continually whispers to us ..."you can trust Me. I have called you to walk by faith." Oh, how my knees get wobbly at times though! =) Sending our love! =) Robin =)

  3. Печеньки!! =) Good work =D

  4. very nice post
    two thumb up for you ^___^