Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Special Offer!

I try to shop the deals--I like to buy what's on sale. And usually, I can build a nice menu around the grocery store's weekly specials. Usually. Sometimes I run into some snags. 

Like last week, when there was bargain on pig's feet. Nope, haven't pinned anything on Pinterest that could help me with that one. Moving on...

Oh look! Pig kidney! I could make...um...is this what the Brit's use for Kidney Pie. I wonder. Maybe next time...

Here's a delicacy. Veal head. Boneless! Oh goodie, that makes it so much easier to prepare. Yeah, veal head, it's what's for dinner. Not!

Now word on the street is that this makes a great stew. It's cow's tongue. I plan to try it someday, when my stomach stops churning at the thought.

Well, there's always pig's heart. Look, a four pack--perfect for my family. Only I'm not sure if I should grill them or roast them. Maybe recipes.com could give me some help.

Mostly I feel totally at home in France, and truly the food here is great. But every now and then I have a "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" moment. Which is exactly how I felt when eyeing last week's specials.



  1. Yes. Or when you see the whole pig head? What am I supposed to do with that?!

  2. Wasn't the first one veal feet, not pigs feet? I always tell the difference by the lighter white line that starts right, loops around the left and back to the right again. Keith