Friday, March 8, 2013

Home: A Confusing Concept

When we arrived in the States last month, our friends said, "Welcome Home!"

And I did feel "at home" in the States.

But when we returned to France, our friends here said, "Welcome Home!"

And I do feel "at home" in France.

So what is "Home"? For me it is a confusing concept.

Often, when I am shopping in our village, a shopkeeper (upon hearing my accent) will ask, "Where are you from?"

I hate that question. I hate it because I do not know the answer. I hate it because the answer is, well, complicated.

My first thought is always, "I am from Loches! I live right up the street!" But I know that is not the answer that they seek because it does not explain my floundering French. However, if I respond, "I am from the United States," I have not accurately represented my current living situation.

I have settled on a two-part response, which goes something like this: "We are Americans, but we live in Loches."

Citizens of the United States. Residents of France. Home in two places.

Truth be told, while I hate the "Where are you from?" question, I love the reality of my response; because Jesus lived the same way. He was a citizen of Heaven who became a resident of earth. Home in two places.

And the more I settle into the craziness of cross-cultural living, the more I marvel at what Jesus did when he left one home for another. He went from fame to obscurity. He went from speaking the universe into existence to barely being able to babble. He went from a place of authority to a place of servitude. I think He can understand how I feel. Which is why, no matter where my address is, my home is with Him.

Five Minute Friday


  1. How lovely! I think we all struggle with the idea of where we're from (I type as a Scottish country girl living in London :)).

  2. I LOVE this post :) Home is so much more than just where you live or where you're from. Visiting from FMF. And sharing this!

  3. oh my gosh! Awesome post. I loved this so much. Your story is so engaging and then you brought in this staggering truth that Jesus was incarnational,; he gave up home in Heave to make his home with us. I struggle with "where are you from" We live in Boston, but evacuated from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina and people often ask, "where you are from "when they hear my Souther twang. Fantastic FMF post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! Hope to visit each of your blogs soon. Osheta, You can totally relate to this, I am sure! Sarah, thanks so much for sharing.

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  6. Well, where ever you're from, I'm glad to be part of your home!
    Very fun post, Jenn!

  7. Ah Keri, I love being in the same home with you!

  8. Yay, I read this in my reader the other day and was super happy to see you joined the bloggy world. I have been following your adventure ever since our dinner over a long farm table in Germany. I promise to be less of a lurker on your blog now... I made that promise a year ago to myself, and look where it got me, not far. :)

    Do you think it will pass when I tell people here I am a European living in the US? Hmmm, nope somehow I don't see it flying, even if my heart says so.

  9. Oh how I remember with fondness that dinner in Germany! And I am SUCH a fan of your photography! Thanks for checking in, and YES, count yourself as a displaced European! I know I would.