Tuesday, July 1, 2014



It's finally here.
Photo Credit: Jordan Egli Photography
Ministry has been full this year--for that we are thankful! And we are excited for the road ahead--we have amazing possibilities on the horizon:

  • David is in conversation with a business owner who runs an air taxi service in France using US planes--perhaps David will be flying a bit in the coming year!
  • I have been accepted to George Fox Seminary to pursue a Masters in Ministry Leadership through their distance ed program. If God supplies the funding, I'll start this fall.
  • David is leading a team that will soon launch a website on discipleship for the francophone world--a project that will have impact in France and beyond.
  • I am preparing to teach a course on Leadership for women in ministry and have new opportunities to coach emerging French leaders.
  • Graham is ready to start college and discover God's plan for his life.
  • Chan has one more year of high school; after which he plans to attend medical school in France.

Photo Credit: Jordan Egli Photography
God has done and is doing immeasurably more than all we thought or imagined when  arrived in France four years ago. And while we are eager to keep moving on this path, we know that we need to take some time to pause for reflection, evaluation, and rest.

We were supposed to be on furlough in the States this summer, but due to expenses related to our house in the States (which flooded twice this year, and still is in disrepair and unable to be rented!) AND skyrocketing airfares, we will be unable to make the trip as a family. Still, having removed ourselves from all ministry responsibilities for July and most of August, we are going to do our best to step back and take a break even though we're not leaving home.

We need time to look forward to the opportunities before us.

We need time to support and encourage Graham  as he prepares to launch back to the States and begin college.

We need time to breathe. To sit in silence. To pray.

We need time to celebrate what God is doing in our lives!

We need time to grieve some heavy losses.

We need time to laugh, and play, and sigh.

We need time to explore, dream, and imagine.

I need time to read. Novels. For pleasure.

And so it begins. Today we stop. We still ourselves while the world continues to spin around us. And we wait upon the Lord.


  1. Looks beautiful! Will be praying that you all get refreshed in Him - "exceedingly abundantly anything [you] ask or think." :)

  2. You have no idea how this ministers to my heart today. Thank you.

  3. Hey Jenn, What do you teach in your Leadership for women in ministry class?