Friday, July 17, 2009

A Groovy Kind of Love

Imagine a place where most everyone is homeless, but no one is poor.

Where everbody is focused on a mighty goal, but few know their next step.

Where everyone is a brother or sister, though they've only just met, and may never meet again.

Where people have diverse backgrounds, varied world-wide destinations, but a unified purpose.

Imagine a place where truth is spoken, learning is genuine, life is enjoyed, and love is intense.

It is a temporary haven. A greenhouse. A launch pad.

It is the calm before a storm, and yet a storm in and of itself.

It is CIT with a group of the finest people I have ever met.


  1. Jenn and David-- What a wonderful experience for your family! Truly, your "buckets are filled" and you can go out and pour your love, knowledge and experience into others-- including the French! God bless you - looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. I have loved, LOVED, living vicariously through your experience at CIT...I'm going to miss it and "our" friends there.