Friday, July 10, 2009

Peter Pikkert

Have you ever had an instructor that seems to say and teach things that come directly from the heart of God and penetrate into the depths of your soul? Ironically enough, one of our linguistic instructors spoke to me in this way. He was quite accomplished in the areas of phonetics, language acquisition, and grammar; fluent in Dutch, English, Arabic, and Turkish; and the author of multiple books in several languages. Impressive? Yes. But even more impressive to me were the thoughts he shared during our devotional time. He was the one who got me thinking about "nothingness" last week. This week he spoke on the qualities of a pilgrim. I am still contemplating all that he said, rereading my notes, and letting the truths resonate in my heart and fill my thoughts. Much of it is still too tender to share, but as I begin to get my mind around these profound concepts I am discovering new things about myself and my God. And I am both challenged and grateful.

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