Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

I was going to blog about what it means to be a pilgrim. Because, you know, I love shoes with shiny buckles. But I just can't. Not now. I have much bigger fish to fry.

Right now there are four happy, sweaty, loud teen/preteen boys playing the Wii in our living room. Now as if that alone were not enough to make my day, they started out by playing Rock Band. Oh yeah. Nothin' better. They were rocking out to songs from MY high school years, and totally making me laugh. Mostly because they don't know the words to the songs, so they make up their own. My favorite lyrics of the day had to do with a rabbit named Harold who had liver coming out of his ears. And by the way, Harold is a wizard. Where do they get this stuff?

Next they switched to a Raving Rabbids game called "Fart Wars," (I didn't name it!) where the deformed-looking rabbits, having just consumed massive volumes of Chili, are racing down the Grand Canyon powered by, well, let's say gas.

Now let me ask you, "Could you write a serious blog post with that going on in the same room?" Or, perhaps more importantly, "Would you want to?"

But most of all, I am smiling; because despite the total depravity of Harold and liver and farts...I finally feel like I am HOME!

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  1. Welcome Home to you and your boys!!! Glad that NC was good, but also glad that you get to come home - hopefully it's only for a short time :)