Thursday, May 29, 2008

Civilized Conversation

"What's the grossest thing you've ever eaten?"

This was the beginning of our dinner conversation last night. I should tell you that since David teaches a class on Wednesday nights, I was sitting at the table with three boys aged 11-12--my two sons, and one of their friends. Of course the conversation progressed from there, much to the horror of my younger son, Chandler, who would classify half of the things I cook on a regular basis as "gross." The friend at the table admitted to having tried dog food, but seemed uncertain as to whether or not that would be the "grossest" thing he ever consumed.

My son Graham then asked, "Has anyone ever eaten cow liver?"

Immediately, my nose began to twitch, as if trying to avoid the pungent memory of the smell of Liver and Onions. When I was growing up, my parents heard somewhere about the health benefits of eating liver and they went on a crusade, relentlessly serving Liver and Onions for dinner EVERY Thursday night for what felt like 47 years. And they wonder why my oldest sister is a Vegetarian?!?

I am a fairly adventurous eater, but in my opinion, liver falls outside of the realm of the enjoyable. However, I have heard (repeatedly) that the French eat EVERYTHING and make it taste good. I wonder if a French chef could make liver palatable for me? One thing is for sure, the smell would have to be thoroughly disguised. To date I would have to say that the grossest thing I've ever eaten (on purpose) is liver.


  1. I remember eating LIVER PATE with toast or crackers on a regular basis when I lived in Denmark...and I LIKED it! If the Danish can make liver taste good, I bet the French can too!!


  2. If liver is on the menu then I think it is better that you will be in France and not I. My parents must be from the same generation as yours. We also had liver and onions regularly. I never liked it but forced it down as something 'good' for me until one time it decided, quite on its own, to come back up. We rarely had liver again and I was never forced to eat it.:)
    You have some very interesting dinner conversation. Must come with having boys.