Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a Dog's Life

It seems that Libby is wearing one of my socks. No, this is not just because after growing up with four sisters I was missing having someone with whom to share my clothes. She has suffered an injury to which no woman I know is a stranger: a broken nail. David and I took Libby on a walk last night, and noticed that she stumbled over her front right paw once or twice during our trek, which we both found rather disconcerting. But when we got home, all seemed fine and we turned our attention to the business of sampling the pies I had attempted to make that afternoon. (By the way, my Butterscotch Meringue was a flop! The flavor was alright, and the meringue turned out great, but the butterscotch portion never firmed up past the pudding stage. Anyone who knows what my mistake(s) might have been, I welcome your input!) Other than my pie disaster, the evening went on as normal until bedtime. David was putting Libby into the mud room, when he noticed a trail of blood following her. He got down on the floor with her, and found that she had cracked one of her toenails and it was bleeding fairly heavily. David looked up remedies on-line, and carefully cleaned and wrapped the wound according to the video-lesson he had watched on some pet care website. Graham (bless his heart!) knowing how squeamish I am, took the job of cleaning up the bloodstains upon himself. Today the bleeding seems to have stopped, and Libby is mostly herself, though she isn't moving around much. I have been tasked with a trip to Petco for Dog Nail Clippers and antibiotic ointment so that David can clean and re-wrap the wound tonight in a way that will inhibit any infection. It appears that somehow her nails got too long, and while I think her groomer clips her nails each month, I guess we need to keep a closer watch on them to prevent this injury.

People who know me and my fondness for Libby often ask what we will do with her when we move to France. The truth is, I really don't know. I haven't been able to bring myself to the point where I could ask that question yet. France is a very pet friendly country, we just aren't certain of what our living arrangement will be, and if it will be conducive to having a large dog. She is such a great dog, and we love her to bits.

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