Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Il neige

A dear friend gave us a French-Phrase-a-Day calendar for Christmas, and this is one of the very first phrases we learned. I can't tell you how disappointed we are to be using that phrase today--JUNE 10--because it means "it's snowing" and that is exactly what it is doing right now at my house. It seems I was bit premature in declaring an end to our long cold winter since the current temperature is all of 34 degrees. Today also happens to be the second anniversary of the Spangle flood. It was June 10, 2006, when our house was invaded with three feet of water in a brief fifteen minutes, destroying the entire ground floor of our home and displacing us for 6 months. Perhaps Spangle should declare June 10th to be"Wacky Weather Day!" It will forever live in our hearts as such.

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  1. Jenn - Miss you so much. I am so excited to get to watch where God is bringing you and o see the physical evidence of your obedience. You inspire me! I have more reliable communication now and am able to keep i contact via email so I will be sending you more updates. I had an epiphany today and hopefully that brings me out of yet another pedulum slum. love you! ~Katie