Monday, June 23, 2008

Jack and Josie

Ever since Libby got her picture on the blog the cats have been whining about equal time. Here they are in their favorite chair, which they mostly fight over, but occasionally agree to share. Jack is the orange tabby and Josie is the grey tabby. Jack loves everyone, including Libby and Josie. We are not sure if Josie likes any of us at all, but all of us, including Jack and Libby, love on Josie whether she wants us to or not. We have asked our vet about the requirements for moving cats to Europe, and it seems very do-able. Both felines will have to be given a euro-micro-chip and a rabies shot AFTER having the chip implanted. The worst part for the cats will be the actual journey...couped up in a cargo bin for hours on end. Jack will recover, but Josie may never forgive us. Then again, she already treats us with disdain so perhaps she will seem just like herself after the trip. All that to say...we are planning on taking the cats when we move to France.

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