Saturday, July 5, 2008

McMurphy Family Reunion

We just got back from three glorious days on the Oregon Coast where we met up with about 50 relatives on my father's side. We have this reunion once every three years at various locations across the United States. Ironically, not a one of us has the last name of McMurphy, but we are all descendants of my great grandma and grandpa Mac--thus the reason it is called the McMurphy Family Reunion. As part of the fun-filled weekend, we were randomly divided into three teams for a series of games...our Family Olympics. It was a friendly competition for the most part, until the water fight broke out at the end. In this picture we are playing the hula hoop relay, where each team had to join hands and with out letting go, pass a hula hoop all of the way down the line and back. My team...named SOLAR POWER (since we were the yellow team) won the gold medal at the end of the day, but that was not my proudest moment. No, I was most proud of Graham--who led his team in the food eating relay, Chandler--who was the highest scorer of anyone at ladder golf, and of course David. Why David??? What other 38 year old man would display such team spirit by wearing a blue sparkling wig? Yes, folks, that's my husband!!!


  1. Don't you mean a cerulean blue wig - d@#%t!
    Love it!

  2. Good one Kacey. dw (At least it wasn't lilac!)