Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Want a slice?

This is the pie that I made yesterday afternoon. Isn't she lovely? It's a lattice-top apple. I could not have made a pie to save my life a year ago, but after being inspired by the pie-making genius of my friend Gail, I decided that learning the fine art of pie-making would be one of my goals for 2008. My family has loved every delicious moment of my endeavor, giving me their input and direction along the way, and happily eating even my greatest disasters. For years I have been perplexed by the expression "easy as pie" because I have never found pie making to be easy; however, thanks to more than a few helpful insights and shared recipes from Gail, pie has become my favorite thing to bake. Without a doubt, apple is the family favorite, but I have also made blueberry, blackberry, mixed berry, and one disastrous attempt at butterscotch meringue. I need pie weights.... Anyway, in learning to make pie, I have found a new passion, and there is something very life-giving about pursuing a new passion, even one as trifling as pie-making. When I look at that pie, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Satisfaction. Elation! And I'm already anxious to bake another, hopeful that the next one might be even better. It makes me wonder if this is how God feels when some aspect of my character that He has been shaping finally begins to bear fruit. Perhaps He even looks at me and says, "Isn't she lovely!"

Keep me as the apple of your eye...Psalm 17:8

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