Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camp des Cimes

Someday, when an Internet connection is not such a luxury, I will wax poetically about the beauty of the Alps, the friends we are making, and the goodness of the Lord. I will entertain you with stories about all of our faux pas, including forgetting to pay our property taxes (due 10-31) before we left the states, learning to adapt to a culture of co-ed bathrooms, and mistakenly arriving at the wrong home when attempting to find our hosts for a night. But for now I will simply tell you that all is well.

We are settled in the Camp des Cimes (Camp of the Peaks) which is located in the French Alps and dusted with snow. Our chalet is high on a peak, complete with log beams, wood floors, and comfy bunks. The heater in our room was struggling to create warmth, so David and I scooted our bunks together, cuddled up, and slept peacefully!

David led worship this morning, and he did a wonderful job—it was fun to see him back in that role once again. The boys have made friends with the oldest son of the conference speakers, and are enjoying everything from the sessions on the Role of the Family in World Evangelism to the foosball table in the basement of the lodge to snowball fights.

I love each moment, but I am struggling to find the time to process all that I am seeing and hearing. My love for the French people continues to grow—God has endeared them to me. But my realization of the challenges of ministry here has grown as well. I am so glad that I serve a God who is up to the challenge. He is a great God, and He has a plan of redemption. I can’t wait to join Him in it.


  1. Barbara here: Blessings abound. I love seeing the picture of David leading the music.

  2. As always... I continue to be inspired by you, by David, and by Graham & Chandler. Pastor Joe's message this morning touched again on having a "Yes, Lord!" attitude. You exemplify that attitude. I am so honored to be your friend. Hopie will be excited to hear the poodle story! I miss you lots! Love you - tanya

  3. I am going to need you to come to me for 2 weeks so you can tell me EVERYTHING. I am so excited for all of you. Enjoy your time - it is all so exciting.