Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rock and Worship Tour

I'm not sure who was more excited about the concert we went to last night. David and I, who honestly could not remember our last live concert, or Graham and Chandler, who were about to experience their first. As we waited in the line outside the Beazley Coliseum as WSU, David snapped these photos of me with the boys. Typically, Graham was reluctant to have his picture taken, and Chandler was a little too eager!

It was an awesome line-up of Christian Artists: Addison Road, 10th Avenue North, Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, and Mercy Me. All in one location at the bargain price of $10 a seat.

Above is Hawk Nelson, the up and coming Montana based band which was without a doubt Graham's favorite. David and I were feeling pretty hip, on our feet, rockin' out, earplugs with us, but not in use. But when I went to the bathroom and saw some 19 year olds primping, it hit me that those girls were half my age. How is it possible to feel so young and so old all in the course of one evening? I guess the spandex that David was wearing dated us as children of the 80s.

Mercy Me (pictured above) sings bunches of my favorite songs. They did not disappoint. But the best part of the concert was that the focus stayed continuously and unapologetically on Jesus Christ. He was present and He was praised throughout the evening. The following is a video clip that David shot of Jeremy Camp singing There Will be a Day. There will be a day when we see Jesus face to face. Nights of worship, like last night, give a glimpse of eternity, when we will praise His name with great joy FOREVER.

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