Friday, March 20, 2009

Mystery Birds

Last Sunday on the way to church we had the funniest conversation. It began with David describing a flock of migrating birds.

"They were white, but they looked like Canadian Geese. I think it was like a whole flock of albino Canadian Geese."

I was skeptical in my response: "I don't think it is biologically possible to have an entire flock of albino anything. Maybe they were just white geese, you know, like the kind you see at the park."

"No," David said, "Those geese have orange beaks. These birds had black beaks. Besides, I've never seen those fat geese from the park take flight. I don't even think they can fly. I think they were albino Canadian Geese."
I was stumped. But by this time we were at church, and we just had to let it go.

The next morning I had arranged to run to friend's house--six miles away. My friend was then going to drive me home, so that I did not have to run both ways! It was a lovely day, and a great run through the Eastern Washington Palouse. Did I mention it was six miles? Anyways, when I arrived at my friend's house, she warmly welcomed me with a fruit smoothie in hand. What a friend!

But I was barely in the door when her husband asked, "Jennifer, did you see our swans?"

These friends live up on a bluff that overlooks a wetland. Sitting serenely in their marshes was a beautiful flock of white birds with black beaks that were about the same size as Canadian Geese.

Migrating Trumpeter Swans--an endangered species, just passing through. Mystery solved!

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  1. OH-h-h-h that they would migrate to Swan Lake!!!